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Study in Australia


 Australian government and universities offer various and generous scholarship programs to encourage and assist international people to study in Australia.

The Endeavour Awards are a part of the Australia Awards initiative which was announced by the Prime Minister in November 2009. The Australia Awards have been established to maximise the benefit to Australia of its extensive scholarship programs, and to support enduring ties between Australia and its neighbours. The Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Awards provide financial support for international students from participating countries to undertake vocational education at a diploma, advanced diploma or associate degree level in any field of study in Australia. 


For more information and how to apply for these scholarships, please visit the Australian Awards website.

The most popular scholarships are Endeavour and AusAid:

 Endeavour Awards

Endeavour Postgraduate Awards – Master degrees up to A$118,500 and PhD degrees up to A$228,500.

  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) – 300 places available for master’s and PhD students every year.
  • Endeavour VET Awards – Vocational programs up to A$119,500
  • Endeavour Search Fellowship – 4 to 6 months short term research in Australia, up to A$23,500
  • Endeavour Executive Awards – 1 to 4 months professional development in Australia, up to A$18,500





AusAID Australia Awards

  •  Australia Awards Scholarships*
  • Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships
  • Australia Awards Fellowships

*Australian Government Awards Scholarships are available for Doctoral and Masters Degree students. All applications are required by February each year and they will be notified whether or not they are successful by the end of July.  Applications for the 2016 Doctoral and Masters degree Scholarships should be made before February 2015.


 Universities also offer different types of scholarship at faculty level and on academic performance grounds. Examples of these are those offered by the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Queenslander Homestay residence

 University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

  • USQ International Partner Prize - Applications must be nominated by a USQ Partner.
  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarship - For international PhD students undertaking quality research.
  • USQ KickOn Bursaries - USQ Community Award                for students involved in the USQ community, continuing a bachelor's degree in Semester One, 2015
  • Vice-Chancellor's International Postgraduate Scholarships - For outstanding international students intending to study a postgraduate degree full-time on-campus.
  • Toowoomba Garden City Zonta Club Bursary - For current female international on-campus students, benefiting from financial assistance.

Queensland University of Technology Campus

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)


  • Academic Scholarship - A scholarship for future undergraduate students who want to study in any faculty.
  • Creative Industries Scholarship - A scholarship for high-achieving undergraduate students who want to study in Creative Industries.
  • Equity scholarships scheme - A scholarship for low-income students studying in any faculty.
  • Science and Engineering Financial Hardship Bursary- A bursary for domestic and international students studying or applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree in science and engineering.
  • Triple Crown Scholarship - A scholarship for future international students who want to study business.
  • International Merit Scholarship - A high achievement scholarship for future international Science and Engineering undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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