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Streamlined Visa Processing (SVP)

Streamlined Visa Processing is designed for international students applying to study in Australia at a participating university or non-university higher education provider. You may be eligible for SVP if your principal course of study is a:

  • Bachelor degree 
  • 2 plus 2 (or 3 plus 1) arrangement with partner universities  
  • Masters degree by coursework  
  • Masters degree by research 
  • Doctoral degree 
  • English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) and/or foundation and other preparatory courses, including Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, which are explicitly packaged with an eligible university course at the time the offer of enrolment is made 
  • Semester or year long non-award course at a university in Australia as part of their home university’s degree course and/or as part of an agreed student exchange between universities.

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Australian immigration laws and procedures are complex and constantly changing!

What you don’t know can hurt you! Contact us now  to put your mind at ease about the requirements you need to meet!

We can provide you with simple to understand professional advice and assistance that gets results, identifies the best visa options to suit your situation, helps you apply for a Visa, or deal with issues related to:

  •  Work Visas
  • Skill select visas and points tests
  • Partner Visas and de facto relationships
  • Sponsorship
  • Student Visas and English language tests
  • Temporary Graduate Visas
  • Carer Visas
  • Permanent Residency Visas; or
  • Other Visas

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How to Become an Australian Permanent Resident (Migrant)

 The process for becoming a Permanent Resident (Migrant) in Australia involves 5 steps:

 STEP 1 - Find the right visa for you  

 You can immigrate permanently to Australia through either the family, or employment visa programs. These visas will allow you to work and live indefinitely in Australia

  Family-Based Permanent Residency

If you have a member of your family unit that is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident, you may be eligible to immigrate to Australia. Migrant visas are available for:

  • Partners
  • Fiancé(e)s
  • Children
  • Dependent relatives

  Work-Based Permanent Residency

There are several pathways to Australian permanent residency through the worker category. The migrant worker categories are:

  • Employer Sponsored Workers - When an Australian employer (government or private) sponsors a foreign national to work in Australia.
  • General Skilled Migration - For people that are not sponsored by Australian employers but possess a skill valued in Australia.
  • Skill Select - For workers possessing certain skills that Australia is in need of.

Migrants are not citizens. However, once you satisfy the residency test you can apply to become a citizen.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has a great tool to help you find which visa is right for you.

STEP 2 - Check if you meet the visa requirements

The DHA website lists the eligibility requirements that you need to satisfy for each type of visa. For example, you may be required to have a relative that is an Australian citizen; skills that are on the published lists of skills which are in demand; a qualified sponsor; be under a certain age etc.

STEP 3 – Apply for an Australian Permanent Residency Visa *

After you've found the right visa and have checked you meet all the eligibility requirements, you can apply for it. Make sure the entire application is fully completed before submission.

 Applications are available for download or to apply online at the DHA website. Most applications require you to submit supporting documents and an application fee.

* It is important to note that this can be a complex, time consuming and expensive process. We specialise in simplifying and streamlining it for you as well as maximising your chance of success!!

STEP 4 – Wait for a decision

The processing times for different types of visa application varies significantly. Average processing times are published on the DHA website. You may have to wait several weeks, months or years for a decision to be made on your application depending on the type of visa.

STEP 5 – Obtain the Visa

If your application is approved, you will receive your migrant visa and can live and work permanently in Australia. Australian migrant visas are issued in increments of five years, subject to renewal. As long as your visa is valid, you may enter and leave Australia freely. The benefits of permanent residency include:

  • Right to work
  • Right to apply for citizenship
  • Right to public education
  • Right to sponsor relatives to immigrate to Australia
  • Right to travel freely between Australia and New Zealand without a visa



Application Process

To get a student visa, you will need to:

  1. Submit a student visa application:
    Application may be submitted online at the DHA's website or by completing the student visa application form (Student Visa Application and Information Forms – DHA).
  2. Pay an application fee. This can be calculated from Charges (Fees) - Studying in Australia
  3. Provide a valid passport;
  4. Provide appropriate information about financial ability to pay for living and study costs;
  5. Provide appropriate information about academic and English language ability;
  6. Provide a CoE for a course;
  7. Provide information that you have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the proposed duration of your visa;
  8. Prove that you are of good character, sound health and have no debts to the Australian Government.
  9. Demonstrate that you are seeking genuine temporary entry to Australia.
  10. Declare that you are submitting only true and valid information (Fraud Public Interest Criterion)


Assessment Levels (AL)

DHAhas categorised every country into three assessment levels. They align student visa requirements to the immigration risk posed by applicants from a particular country studying in a particular education sector. Assessment level 1 represents the lowest immigration risk and assessment level 3 the highest. The higher the assessment level, the greater the evidence an applicant is required to demonstrate to gain a visa. If you come from a low risk country (AL1 or AL2), the financial, academic and English language information you need to provide is less comprehensive than if you come from a higher risk (AL3) country.

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General Visa Requirements

Student Visa requirements are both general (i.e. relevant for all students) and specific (i.e. applicable to certain circumstances).

You need to meet a number of basic criteria to qualify for a student visa:

  • you must be accepted into full-time study
  • you must have appropriate English language Skills
  • you must have an appropriate academic record and be of a

Specific Visa Requirements

You may be eligible for streamlined visa processing and not required to meet the normal documentation requirements for the grant of a visa. These specific requirements will vary depending on the Assessment Level that relates to:

  • Academic documentation
  • English Proficiency Documentation
  • Financial Documentation

 Under SVP, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) only checks for health, character and genuine student requirements and allows the participating Universities or non-university or higher education provider to rely on their internal academic and financial scrutiny.  The DHA assesses student visa applicants with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) from a participating higher education provider as though they were a lower migration risk and does not assign an Assessment Level to the application, regardless of their country of origin. 



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