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Education Services

We are in partnership with highly successful and world respected Australian universities and colleges that offer high quality learning, teaching and research facilities to better meet the needs of students, academics and researchers from around the world.  Our partners, to assist you in your skill attainment, consist of dynamic and passionate teachers and trainers.  We ensure a close match between the educational services they provide to your needs.  We support you in obtaining the best education and skill outcomes to set you up for future employment within industry.

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Education Services offered include:


Our education partners provide the full range of education qualifications necessary to satisfy the Australian Immigration and Border Protection Skilled Occupations List (SOL).  Our staff can discuss the various programs available with you on first contact to ensure they align with your needs and wants.

Points from these qualifications will go towards your Skilled Migration visa applications.


Our education partners also provide our students with the teaching and testing necessary to obtain pass marks in all four components of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Positive IELTS results and attainment of competency in the English language is also enhanced through the other services we offersuch as accommodation, social cultural interaction and International mentoring.

Points from successful IELTS will go towards attainment of your Skilled Migration Visa.

Skills assessment

International students seeking points for a Skilled Migration Visa must provide evidence that your skills have been assessed as suitable for your nominated occupation (SOL).  You must provide the relevant assessing authority a full (permanent) skills assessment which is used for Points Tested Skilled Migration. This can be a stressful, time consuming and costly process if not progressed in the correct way.  There are many assessment agencies available and it can be confusing.

Our staff member assigned to your support can arrange and support the skills assessment process with our preferred skills assessment agencies.  

World class facilities and resources

Workplace skills program

Having a degree that provides you with the qualification and the skills required to apply for roles within an Australian organisation might get you work. However, it provides no guarantee that you will be successful in obtaining the job that you want!! 

‘Soft skills’ such as Networking, Australian Workplace Culture, Workplace communication, Personal presentation and interview skills, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence are all skills that will assist you get that role and then promotion.

Our partners provide dynamic trainers that support the attainment of these skills which will provide a competitive edge over graduates who are competing for the same position. This program will be delivered in either a classroom, in a workplace simulation or during an experiential learning activity or in combination.  Whatever the delivery method, learning and developing the most necessary work skills will be the focus along with fun.

Points from this program will go towards your Skilled Migration Visa application.


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